The "New Item" button allows you to add a new item or material to your estimate.  By selecting the bottom portion of the button you can add a new sub-item.

1.  Select the "New Item" button.

2.  You can update information about the item directly on the estimate table by selecting the cell you want.

You can also create other template items as well.

"New Area" will create an new area that you can edit.

"New Linear" will create a new linear that you can edit.

"New Segment" will create a new segment that you can edit.

"New Count" will create a new count that you can edit.

"New Assembly" will create a parent item that you can place parts in to affect a piece of takeoff.

"New Part" will create a part that can be attached to takeoff to add other properties or values.

If you would like to learn more about these tools and how to use them please watch our videos on parts and assemblies