The "Column" button allows you to update, add and delete columns on your estimating form.

1.  Select the "Column" button to open the Estimate Columns dialog box.

You can make changes or update directly on the form.  Select the item you would like to update and change the information.

To add a column select the plus (1) then enter your information about the column.

To delete a column select the column then select the x (2).  The column will be removed from the estimating table.

To close the dialog box select the close button (3).  Your changes will be saved and will take effect.

"Name" - Use this column to give your estimate column a descriptive name.

"Date Type" - Select the type of data that will be found in this column.

"Text" - Allows Alphanumeric characters such as letter, numbers, and characters.

"Number" -  Allow number to be input into the cell.

"Check box" - Creates the cell as a check box allowing a Yes/No selection.

"Visible" -  Do you want the Column to be visible or not visible. 

"Format" - Allows you to set how the column contents are formatted and the number of decimal points displayed.