Question: Can I use PlanSwift on multiple computers?

Yes, It is possible to use PlanSwift on multiple computers. However, you either need multiple licenses, or you will need to deactivate from each computer you work on so that you can activate on the next. 

Question: How do I move my license?

In order to move your license from computer to another, you need to deactivate the license on the current computer; if you are unable to do so, contact technical support, and we can remove the license for you. 

Question: Can more than one user access PlanSwift at a time?

Answer: Yes, it is possible to have multiple users on PlanSwift; however, you will need multiple licenses for this to be accomplished. 

Question: PlanSwift popped up with an error message "No Condition Met" when trying to activate. 

Answer: Getting a "No Condition Met" error signifies that PlanSwift is registering a "space" somewhere in the customer number field. Simply clear out and manually re-enter your customer number, and that should clear up the error message.

Question: I need to Manually Activate; how do I do that?

Answer: For further assistance with Manual Activations, please click 

Question: How do I remove my license? 

Answer: In order to remove your license, you can go to one of two tabs inside PlanSwift. 1) the "Settings" tab, under license manager, and 2) under the "Help" tab; you will see a Key icon on the tool-bar if you are currently activated called "License Management Options".