This is a guide on how to bring up your parts and assemblies if your database isn't showing up under the Sage Timberline Takeoff window.

1.  To begin, close all programs. Then click on your Start button, or press the Windows key if using Windows 8, and search ODBC.

2.  You should see ODBC 32-bit Administrator. Right-click on it and select Run as Administrator.

3.  Next, click on the System DSN tab at the top of the window and click on Add... 

4.  A window will open with Drivers. Scroll to the bottom and select Timberline Data and select Finish.

5.  Name the data source PSageTakeoff, spelled exactly the same, with the same capitalization. For the Database Type, select Estimating Data Folder and then click on Select Folder.

6.  From here, browse to the location of your database (pei.dat) and select the containing folder.

Note: If your database is stored on a network location, and you are not seeing the drive inside of the ODBC, it is an issue with UAC controls. The user profile will need full UAC for the location to show up.

7.  Click on Ok on all windows, open up PlanSwift and start your estimate.