On PlanSwift.com, you have the option of signing up for a 'MyAccount' page. This page will allow you to manage various aspects of your PlanSwift account. 

1) To get started, you will first want to log onto PlanSwift.com, and click My Account in the upper right-hand corner. 

2) You will be brought to the Log-In Page; here is where you will see the option that will allow you to register for an account. If you have not used My Account before you will need to register for an account by clicking the blue "here"

3) After clicking on the "here", you will be redirected to the registration page. Here, you will be able to register your e-mail and customer number to create an account. Note: You must have a customer number to create a My Account Page. 

4) Once Registered, you will automatically be taken to the home page of My Account, the My User tab. This tab is used for changing your password.

5) Next up is the Billing Tab. On the Billing tab, you can edit information such as your name and address.

6) Next is the General Account Info tab. Here you can edit the company name and phone number. 

7) On the Licenses tab, you will be able to see who is currently active on your licenses, request additional licenses, and download your current licensed version of PlanSwift or purchased plugins. 

Note: Please keep in mind that if you need licenses cleared, you will need to contact support at 888 752 6794 option 2.

8) The next two tabs are going to be your Maintenance and Purchase History tabs. On these tabs, you can track all purchases made and the expiration date of your Maintenance. You will also be able to request to extend your Maintenance, if you would like. 

9) The All Users tab allows you to add or remove authorized users to your My Account. 

10) The Support tab will allow you to submit a ticket to customer support and will also keep track of all current customer support tickets that are outstanding. 

11) Finally, we have the Contact Us tab, which gives you various contact options, along with some options for support such as videos and wiki.