How to: Set-Up Network Storage


This How to will cover the process of setting up a network storage for PlanSwift 9. This guide will only be applicable once you have set up a network, server, or cloud storage based system (One Drive, Sky Drive, Google Drive).


CAUTION: We do not recommend/support using a cloud-based storage for storing jobs; some users have been successful using cloud storage, but it was intended to be saved locally, and any errors that result from using the Cloud storage are not supported by PlanSwift.


Once the network or server is established, setting up PlanSwift to use network storage is very easy. 


1. Open your File Explorer and go to the established network or server. 


2. In the server, right click and move your mouse cursor over the word New. Doing so will pop out an additional right-click menu.


3. Click on Folder to create a new folder. 


4. Name the folder something you will remember and that is easy to find (for example, PlanSwift Jobs, Network Jobs, or Network).


5. Now leave the folder completely empty--don't put a single thing in it--and launch PlanSwift.

6. Go to Settings -> Data Storages and click New.


7. Name the storage whatever you would like, and then click the "..." at the end of the Folder bar.


8. Locate in the directory the folder that was just created and click OK once highlighted. Then hit Finish.


This has just created the Jobs and Templates folders for you to put your jobs in. 


To move your jobs, follow this guide on where to get your local jobs and the best way to transfer them: