What is Swift Reports ?

Swift Reports is a plugin for advanced users. It will give you access to a powerful tool to design custom reports inside of Planswift. Swift Reports allows Planswift to integrate with Fast Report 4.

What is Report Designer ?

Report Designer is a button on the "Reports" tab that launches the Swift Reports Plugin. 

How to enable Report Designer: 

Normally the Report Designer button is not available until user enables it on the "Settings" tab. 

To display the button, in Planswift, go to the "Settings" tab, then "Interface" and check the box next to "Show Report Designer".

Go back to the "Reports" tab you will then find the Report Designer button.


Grid View Vs. Preview:

 "Grid View" :  Displays  the default reports in Planswift.  On this view you are able to edit the basic display of the Report. 

"Preview" : This view will display any changes made to the report in the report designer. 

Where can I find Fast Report User Manual ?