This How To article will explain the process of making universal changes to default items used in PlanSwift by means of changes made on the "Types" tab. For our example, the "Area Tool" will be modified so that the main window will display the "Description" and "Cost Each" properties alongside the already displayed "Name" and "Color Properties".

1 Go to the "Settings" tab in PlanSwift. 

2. Go to the sub-setting of the interface and check the box that reads "Show Types Tab in Templates Screen".

3. Go to the "Templates" tab in PlanSwift and note the now visible "Types" tab. 

4. After click on the "Types" tab, create a new area takeoff template by clicking the new area button on the top of the "Templates" tab. 

5.  The main window of the "Area Item" - the "Form Layout" window - will appear displaying by default only the name, color and fill type (texture) properties.  

6. Hit the "Advanced" button to open the advanced properties window.

7. Once in this window, we can establish this area item as the default area item by assigning as its name an exact copy of its type. In other words, the word "Area" will be entered into the name property because that is what is entered into the type property. Because this is being entered on the "Types" tab, any changes made will also apply to the area takeoff tool.

8. So for example, let's say we want the "Description" and the "Cost Each" reflecting on the main properties window.  We would simply check the box next to each of those properties: one can be found under the "Item" group, the other under the "Estimating" group. Once checked, those two properties will reflect on the form layout of the properties window.