Understand the UDA expected Excel format: (See the attachment PlanSwift 9.0.xls for an example of a corrected Excel format)


- UDA will import and recognize the Qty, Cost Each and Markup % columns. After the import, it will calculate the Markup Total and Price Total within UDA itself.

Rows: below are the characteristics of Category, Subcategory and Sub item

Category: item has a Name but the rest of the column should be blank (a zero Qty, Cost Each, Markup%, Price Each, Price Total and Folder Path will not work).

Subcategory: item can have all of the fields fulfill (not require). Folder Path will indicate which category this item belong to.

Sub Item:  just like the Subcategory item. However, Folder Path will require to have a "\" as a delimiter.  Anything before the "\" is the main category and anything after is the subcategory. It is how UDA understands where to put sub items into.

Most of the issues regarding UDA and PlanSwift Integration revolve around the Excel format that UDA can import.